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The vision for Udini in 2021

Interview with Peter Defreyne

Sam Verhaegen

15 December 2020

How did Udini come to be?

IxorTalk participated as Internet-of-Things expert in a hackathon of BNP Paribas Fortis. The challenge was to link online banking to the Internet-of-Things. We linked the bank app to the access and payment of a car park, based on wireless technology in the smartphone. The feedback was so positive that we won the hackathon and so decided to develop it into today's product: Udini.

What's Udini?

Udini is an IoT solution that can provide access based on your smartphone. Just as itsme provides access to online services, Udini provides access to the physical world. For personal use, Udini gives you access to your home, sports grounds, school facilities, car parks, events and even hotels. For professional use, Udini gives you access to, for example, office buildings and logistics sites.

"As itsme provides access to online services, Udini provides access to the physical world."

Udini consists of a mobile app (and SDK) and an IoT controller that can automate access. It doesn't matter what infrastructure is there, we link it to smart and ordinary locks, sliding doors, elevators, barriers, gates and more. For the building manager, we translate facility management into a digital service. In this way, staff and clients are linked to digital apps and accounts. In this way, access control becomes an 'access middleware' with the help of Udini.

Who uses Udini?

In 2020, our goal was to deploy Udini in as many different sectors as possible. For example, we have realised projects in the logistics sector, where truck drivers have access to gates via Bluetooth and we have given vehicles access to car parks. We have equipped offices and warehouses, supported events and made parcel logistics more efficient. We have also used our experience with CoronAlert to make contact tracing on paper or QR redundant. Finally, in the private sector there are integrations with home automation systems.

What are the targets for 2021?

We will launch Udini Sensor v2 in early 2021, which allows access to buildings with a one-time sms-password, e.g. bicycle parking. This way, users do not have to register or remember passwords in advance and still get access to these shared facilities. We have applied the use of One-Time-Passwords (OTP) for access control in real life.

"We've set ourselves a goal of active 100,000 users, we're going to achieve this with the help of strategic partners."

The goals for 2021 are ambitious, because we have realised a lot of reference projects with, for example, Sportpaleis, the WATT tower, Memo, Tormax, ... Next year we will scale up these projects. We have set ourselves a target of active 100,000 users, which we will realize with the help of strategic partners in various sectors.

In the course of 2021 we will communicate about these partnerships in the domains of home automation, logistics, hotels, retail and events. In different access control solutions you will see Udini emerge as an innovative option.

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