Tailor-made products

Udini is a middleware solution for smart access. We offer the following products as part of your innovative access project.

Udini Sensor

Udini Sensor

Wireless module for flexible access

The Udini Sensor is now available. The Udini sensor is the wireless link between the user's smartphone and automatic access via the Udini cloud.

Wireless installation with power supply or on battery
Adjustable range from 1m to 30m
Plug & play installation with local contact control

Udini Hub

Controller for your doors, elevators, barriers, ...

With the Udini Hub you can give access to your facilities. This controller offers analogue, digital and software integration possibilities with physical access control systems on your site.

Wireless communication with the Udini Sensors up to 30m
Easy installation on DIN rail with industrial power supply
Online connectivity thanks to IoT technology
Udini Hub
Udini Cloud

Udini Manager

One-click access control

With the Udini Manager, you manage access to your facilities. Provide flexible access and see who has used it.

Real-time badge management in the cloud
Give rights to users based on email or phone
Integrate your own identity provider (OAuth2, LDAP or OpenID) with Udini


Access as a Service

Connect your physical access control to Udini and make the functionality available as an API. Integrate access rights into your business flows and synchronize them automatically with the Udini API.

Open and documented REST API
Standard interface, independent of brand and type of access system
Real-time rights management as a service, synchronized with your business
Udini API
Udini Mobile Apps

Udini App

Badge system on smartphone

Contactless access with smartphone by simply being present in the right place. We offer you access to car parks, buildings, lifts and more. Your smartphone replaces your physical badge so you don't have to pick it up, drop it off and never lose it.

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Udini Mobile SDK

Integrate smartphone access into your existing app

Does your organisation already have one or more apps? With a simple integration, Udini works as part of your app. Give your staff, users, customers and partners access to your facilities with an experience that suits your organisation.

Fully open, license-free and documented SDK for iOS and Android integration
Integrate smart access into your app in less than a week
Supporting our team for integration and best practices
Udini SDK

Interested in our products?

Contact us for a first introduction in which we discuss smart access cases. After this introduction, we will organise a workshop with your stakeholders in which we translate these cases into a roadmap for the short and long term. On this basis, we work out a commercial proposal and a project plan.

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